About Us

Gyandmc training offers you with high quality cutting edge technology solutions across Shahdol/India region. Our teams of expert professionals are engaged in offering best quality   training solutions as per your needs. We are one of among the most trusted and recognized technology solution service providers in your area at reasonable rates. We are often recognized for offering result oriented web based solutions and training. We will always help you with every domain of expertise related with IT solutions.

Gyan Digital Marketing Training section offers you with a portfolio of products and services that enables the partners and instructors for delivering high quality solutions across the entire globe. We will also provide accreditation services along with certificate trainings with our partners and instructors. We own more than ten years of experience in achieving a globally recognized value for our services.

We also help you by providing learning infrastructure solutions that will take care of all your needs related with IT solutions and more. We will also offer you with hands on experience for the delivery and hosting of websites and technology solutions. We are ready to offer wide range of services for managing and delivering various training programs for our partners. These programs include Project management along with internal communications and more.

We also perform tests at periodic intervals as to judge the performance of the particular candidate. This is taken into account as to check the benefits of programs as taken by us. You should always appear in the test positively to judge your performance level. These tests are of paramount importance from trainee point of view in all aspects. This also helps in protecting the credibility and value of the particular certifications.

We also offer you with a variety of programs as to prepare students as per the current industry standards and getting a better job thereby leading to a prosperous and peaceful life. 

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