#Website Analysis Audit Report #Process

Check ReSEO & SEO Platform, Hosting Place, Dedicated Server IP, Domain Age/ Page Rank, Last Cache Date  (home page), Canonical Issue, Website Technologies, Check, Website Speed & Tips, Check page Size, Mirror Site, Frame Based, Flash Based, Duplicate Content (Intra), Duplicate Content (Inter), Check website Dynamic & Static, Meta, Tags Header Tag (H1 To H6), Image Optimization, Sitemap (XML),   Sitemap (HTML), Robots.txt, URLlist.txt, Anchor Text Optimization, URL Optimization, Doctype, HTML Errors (W3C), CSS Errors (W3C), RSS Feed, News Feed, Article Page, Blog Page, News Page, Press Release, Redirection is needed?, Website Tracking Code, Google Web Master, Link Structure (Bread crumbing), Check Landing Pages Hidden Text and Links Check, Customized 404 Page, iFrame Check, Broken Links Check, External Links Check, Unnecessary Internal Links Check, Website URL Structure, Check Keywords Mapping, Keywords Availability in the targeted Page Content, Header Optimization, Footer Optimization, Home Page Title meta Tag Check, Targeted Pages Title Meta Check, ALT Image Title Tags of the Home Page, ALT Image Title Tags of the Targeted pages, Check Usability-(URL, Favicon, Custom 404 Page, Conversion Forms, Above the Fold Content, Page Size, Load Time), Google Tools (Analytics & webmasters), Language Used, check Google penalty, CMS Used, Check Tracking Code, Plan Sheet & Budget

Competitor Analysis and Research, Keyword Research and Analysis, Keyword Finalization & Suggestion, Checking Content For Duplication/Plagiarism, Checking Broken Links, Meta Tag Creation (Title, Description, Keywords, H1 Tag, Header & Footer Text),Header Tag Optimization , URL Mapping, Image Alt Tag Creation, XML & HTML Sitemap Creation, robots.txt File Creation, Website URL Mapping, Analytic Setup & Monitoring And Evaluating Website Performance, Web Master Setup & Monitoring And Evaluating Website Behavior.

Directory Submission and Marketing, Bookmarking Submission and Marketing, Article Submission and Marketing, Article Content Syndicate Submission and Marketing, Press Release Submission and Marketing, Blog Creation, Blog Posting, Blog Submission and Marketing, Blog Guest Blogging, Blog Commenting, Blog Sharing, Create Blog Label, Image Optimization, PDF Submission (Live URL) and Marketing, PDF Submission (Website URL) and Marketing, PDF Submission (Word), Create PPT Presentation, Content Optimization, PPT Submission and Marketing, Classified Submission and Marketing, Business Listing, Local Listing, Search Engine Submission and Marketing, Ping, Submission and Marketing, Micro Blog Submission and Marketing, Info Graphics Submission and Marketing, YouTube Video Creation and Submission & Promotion, Profile Creation, Profile Creation Submission and Marketing, Fast Track Submission and Marketing, online reputation management, Forum Posting.

Facebook Promotion, Twitter Promotion, Plus Google Profile Promotion, Plus Google Business Page Promotion Plus Google Collection Promotion, Plus Google Communities Promotion, Plus Google Event Promotion, Instagram Promotion, Pinterest Promotion, LinkedIn Promotion.

PPCActivity: - Pay Per Click 
Account Setup, Keyword Research And Selection, Creative Ads Development, Ad Scheduling Setup, Bid Setup, Conversion Optimization Setup Time Frame.

(Local, National, International, and Domestic)-(Data Analysis, Data Collection & Created, Data Mining, Data Filtration) Using Some Commands, Tools and Manual. Create Multiple Mail Content (Text And Html With Images).